"As a small business owner making the right contacts early on is imperative to succeeding. Connecting with the Clover Telephone Company and the Peltz family was a “right” contact.

Clover Telephone Company was very helpful as we began our business. They came and provided the essential, practical information that we required to select the right phone system. It was refreshing to deal with honest, knowledgeable and caring people.

Inevitably, problems with technology arise. It is in the troubleshooting and follow-up care that Clover Telephone also excels. They have consistently been available to meet our needs when issues arise. They are a wonderful resource to have and we have not been bashful about using them!

I would highly recommend the services of Clover Telephone Company for any of your phone system needs. We were very “lucky” to find the “Clover”.

Michael Moyer
CEO Lake Medical Research, LLC


About Us

Twenty years ago, Ed Peltz formed Clover Telephone Company, Inc., to provide a highly competent and responsive telecommunications service that customers could rely on.

In the previous pages, you’ve read about what we do. What sets us apart from everyone else? It’s how we do our work. As service providers, our first obligation is to you. That's why, with us, emergency customers always take priority over everything else. We understand that when your phones are down, your business is down also. Our promise to you is that we get you “up and running” as soon as possible, so you can concentrate on running your business. When we tell you we’ll be there, we’ll be there, as promised!

When you need help, we’ll assess your situation and give you prompt written quotes based upon your current needs and your projected growth. We explain options and make recommendations appropriate to your budget.

Our work is installed in compliance to your time schedule. We’ll work your non-working hours (evenings and weekends) to ease work time interruptions. Our workmanship is neatly done, with labels clearly designating your outlets.

Once your system is in place, we provide you with instruction manuals and hands-on training, so you not only know what your system can do, you also know how to use your system.

When we provide you with a phone system and complete the installation, we’ll be there for you when the unexpected comes up. We are competent and responsive. We are Clover Telephone – the company to call for connections you can count on!


Clover Telephone Company located in Mentor, Ohio 44060. Call 800-794-7440 or Email: services@clovertelephone.com
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